Welcome to Our Secondary School

Sohar International Secondary School exists to educate the children of Oman, both Omani’s and Expatriates, in a holistic manner. The education of child and young adult must take care of three aspects, namely: body, mind and soul. Here at SIS we seek to do exactly that.
We run the CIE Curriculum to afford our senior students the opportunity to make the world their oyster. C.I.E (Cambridge International Examinations) allows all pupils who attend our school to have a truly international qualification by the time they leave, having completed the CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Programme) Checkpoints in Year 6, the Secondary Checkpoints in Year 8 and the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) at the end of Year 10. We also run the AS Level Programme and will run the A2 Levels Programme starting in September of 2016. This ultimately affords all our graduates the opportunity to study further, both locally and abroad, with a qualification that is recognized in over 50 countries across the globe.
Students can choose not to write the IGCSE exams in which case they will write internally set exams and be registered to do our Bilingual Programme. These students will be registered as Bilingual Students and will write internally set exams instead of the IGCSE. They will proceed to Grade 11 after completing Grade 10 and will enter their first year of the Bilingual Programme (Bilingual 1). After completing Grade 11, they will enter their final year of school in Grade 12 (Bilingual 2) and sit for the externally set, Ministry of Education Exams. Students entering the Bilingual Programme are all eligible for scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Education and other institutions
We have a range of activities to ensure that each pupil has the opportunity to learn a skill beyond classroom academics. This is done in an environment where pupils are encouraged to excel academically, grow personally and improve daily while having access to the best resources. We ensure that each pupil is cared for pastorally and allowed to develop as an individual through our ongoing Pastoral Programme.
With a dedicated group of teachers and administrative staff, who seek to uphold excellence at every level in our school, I can assure you that your child is in good hands at all times. The boundaries are made clear to all our pupils so as to ensure rules are being followed for their own safety and the smooth running of our day-to-day school activities (see our Parent and Student Handbook that can be downloaded as a PDF on this site).
I invite you to join our wonderful school and be a part of our journey into the future. Our goal is to provide excellent education to all our students from when they join us in Year 4 until they leave us at the end of their Senior School career.  

Mr.Brian Grobler
Head of Secondary(Acting)




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Email Address: info@sis.edu.om